Friday, July 1, 2016

Daniel Week 6 Materials (side study): Babylon

Hello everyone;

Thanks to all who were able to make it to our study on Wednesday.  My apologies for taking so long to get these files uploaded, but everything is now available.

I decided to depart from our regular chapter-a-week schedule in order to fit in this important topic.  Babylon (the city) has been a central character in the Book of Daniel from chapter 1 and continues to play an extremely important role in the rest of the book as well as the entire Bible - which could be called a "tale of two cities" with focus on both Jerusalem (the city of God) and Babylon (the city of Man).

The written materials from Wednesday night's study (Handouts, Slides, and Teaching Notes) can be found on the shared drive here:

Or the Facebook page in the Files area here:

The audio is available on the NightLight Ministries YouTube channel here:

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